Last NOTRA of the Season (11/18/01; EWA; North Branch, NJ)
The photos were taken by me (Irene Matusz), very much an amateur, as they came into the last turn (except for the first two).

Ivy(#1) getting a jump on Minnie Me(#2) and granddaughter Rainy(#3)

The finish was another story (i.e., just the opposite)!!
Here's Ivy coming into the finish!!

Program 1, race 5, Billy coming into the turn for the stretch run.

1st high point, program 1, with Ariel in front, followed by Rainy, Aurora & Tigger. Aurora passed Rainy to take second at the finish.

2nd high point, program 1, with Aris in front, followed by Harmonie, Suzy & Felix. Suzy passed her father to take third at the finish.

Program 2, race 6, with Suzy out in front of dad Felix, cousin Tigger & sister Rainy. Tigger, coming up on the outside, won the race, with sisters Suzy & Rainy tieing for second to beat their dad again.

Program 2, race 7, with Stormy out in front of Flurry & Tank. And that is how they finished.

Program 2, race 8, Alaska in front with Trea, Indy & Jessica trying to catch her. Alaska held onto the lead with Indy finishing second, followed by Trea and Jessica.

High point of program 2, Aris in front with Ariel & Harmonie chasing. Aris held the lead with Ariel second, Harmonie third.

Program 3, race 5, with Dash a length in front of Jessica. Dash hung on to beat Jessica for second. (Suzy won the race)

Program 3, race 6, Felix out in front of the pack to win the race.

Program 3, race 7, Sonic with a two length lead over Trea, then Lessa. And that was how they finished.

Program 3, race 8, with Indy leading Harmonie & Tigger. Indy stayed on top with Harmonie and Tigger tieing for second.

George getting his exercise by walking the lure back to the start between races.
Sorry, I ran out of film. The last high point was a breath-taker. Indy got the jump on Aris at the start and held on to beat Aris (short for Aristophenes) at the finish, followed by Ariel and Alaska. That's how they finished for the day. Felix beat his three sons in the previous race to finish in 5th place overall. It proved to be a great day for Felix's offspring - 5 finished in the top ten, 9 finished in the top 16.